Pharmacy Dropshipping from Singapore

The main advantage of dropshipping from Singapore is the opportunity to work without large initial investments, that is, the minimum necessary to open an online store and advertising is still needed, but substantial costs (warehouse rent, transportation costs, etc.) will .. read more

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Pharmacy dropshipping in USA

Dropshipping is one model of retailing in which the store does not keep the goods it sells in stock. Instead, the store orders the goods from a third party and the third party sends them directly to the buyer. As .. read more

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What is medicine dropshipping?

Medicine dropshipping is a supply chain technique, where a seller doesn’t keep any stock but shifts the responsibility for order execution to a manufacturer. In short, the retailer doesn’t store the products and serves as an intermediary between supplier and .. read more

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Pharmacy Dropshipping in UK & Europe

Dropshipping is one of the relatively simple and effective ways to build an online business. This tool can be used to test new business ideas, working out future steps for their development. The essence of dropshipping in Europe is that .. read more

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How to Dropship Viagra Pills Worldwide

Dropshipping, or direct supply contract, is one of the business models, the essence of which is that the intermediary does not have stocks of goods in stock, but buys them from the manufacturer only when he receives an order for .. read more

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India revokes patent for Pfizer’s Sutent

India has blown another raspberry at Big Pharma. In its third strike against foreign drugmakers, the Indian patent office yanked Pfizer’s ($PFE) patent on the kidney cancer drug Sutent. The move was a victory for local drugmakers Cipla and Natco .. read more

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NATCO granted compulsory licence for Nexavar

Mar 12th 2012 The Hyderabad based NATCO Pharma Limited is pleased to announce the granting of a compulsory licence to it, under the provisions of Section 84 of the Indian Patents Act, 1970 for Sorafenib Tosylate (Brand Name : Nexavar .. read more

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