Pharmacy Dropshipping in UK & Europe

Dropshipping is one of the relatively simple and effective ways to build an online business. This tool can be used to test new business ideas, working out future steps for their development.

The essence of dropshipping in Europe is that the goods sold in online stores are delivered not by the company selling them, but by a third-party supplier company. This makes it possible to run a very efficient business even in regions where the business is not physically present, and it is easy to serve customers remotely. Dropshipping has recently begun to be actively used even by large retailers who want to use this tool not only to increase the efficiency of their business but also to test their new products, to handle a large number of orders and other tasks. The list of companies using dropshipping already includes such giants as Zappos, Gilt, Startup Vitamins, IKEA, and many others.

Start your business with dropshipping in UK

Many of today’s successful companies even started their businesses as dropshipping establishments. It wasn’t until later, when business picked up, that they started developing and selling their own products as well. A well-known large company called Wayfair, which specializes in selling furniture as well as home goods online, operates exclusively in dropshipping, using the services of more than 7,000 suppliers.

The use of drop shipping in Europe goes very well with many people’s favorite landing sites. They usually don’t include a lot of information directly about the selling company, but offer a bargain purchase and fast shipping to many parts of the country and even the world.

The dropshipping supply chain in Europe

The supply chain is the path a product takes from idea to production and finally into the hands of the buyer. The three most important players that make up the dropshipping supply chain are the manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the retailer.

  1. Manufacturers create the product, and most of them don’t sell it directly. Instead, they sell in bulk to wholesalers and retailers. Buying directly from the manufacturer is the cheapest way to purchase goods for resale, but most of them have minimum order requirements, which already makes the dropshipping model unrealizable.
  2. Wholesalers buy goods in bulk from manufacturers, put their markup on them and then sell to retailers for resale. The minimum order volume they have, if any, is usually much lower than that of the manufacturer. Wholesalers can work with dozens if not hundreds of manufacturers in their industry, so a good supplier can provide your store with an assortment until the end of time.
  3. A retailer is anyone who sells directly to the customer with their markup. If you run a business that fulfills dropshipping orders, you are a retailer.

A supplier in Europe is required to give full advice on their products at all times because very often after-hours non-standard and urgent customer inquiries arise.

For specific market niches, training from a vendor is important, because it’s hard to sell a person something you don’t understand. Providing an understanding of the product for the seller (i.e., the store) is the dropshipper’s job because his commission depends precisely on the seller’s success.

Pharmacy Dropshipping in UK and Europe

A distinctive feature of our company is free to access to most products across Europe A handy catalog of products on the website makes it easy to choose, allowing you to slowly get acquainted with the assortment available. There is also no need to be afraid of getting confused by the variety of offerings. If necessary, to pick up the pharmaceutical products or medicines of interest to help a qualified salesroom staff. An additional advantage is the availability of specialized and auxiliary products. This greatly saves time, allowing you to buy everything in one place.

DropshipMD offers customers a wide choice of the following branded and generic pharmaceutical products:


  1. For each patient could buy exactly that medicine, which was prescribed by a doctor, we watch for constant updates of the assortment. Regularly updated online catalog with the latest pharmacy of world-famous brands.
  2. Cosmetic products that have a therapeutic effect. The main advantage of such cosmetics can be considered that it is made on a natural basis and does not cause any allergic reactions. On the website of the company, you can see the cosmetics that are available and can be ordered.
  3. Goods for babies and mothers. From the first days of life, your baby will be surrounded by your care and love. Our company will help you choose cream, oil, milk, and other products that do not cause allergic reactions or other adverse effects.
  4. Dietary supplements. To maximize dietary adjustments, you need to help your body by supplementing your diet with vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients. Correctly chosen preparations will help to effectively cope with the task and keep your physical and emotional health at the proper level.
  5. Medical accessories that help to measure blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose levels, and so on. In addition, here you can choose elastic bandages, fixators, plasters, syringes, and other products.
  6. Auxiliary products. This can include shampoos, toothpaste, soaps, sponges, diapers, and feminine hygiene products that may be needed in everyday life.

Disadvantages of dropshipping in Europe

There is a great risk that the supplier does not have the goods at the time of purchase – it is not easy to control external large partners. Any mistakes in delivery will be made by the supplier, not by the online store, but they will be reflected in his renown, in the feedback about the online store.

Shipping to Europe often takes a lot of time – especially when working with an overseas supplier – which should be warned in advance or during negotiations with a potential buyer. Deadlines can be such (1-2 months), which reduces the conversion rate many times.

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