Pharmacy Dropshipping: what you need to know for a successful start

Dropshipping is a mediation between the manufacturer of the products and the buyer. The seller doesn’t have to store the products at home – they are shipped to the customer directly from the supplier’s warehouse.

The dropshipping model appeared in the USA in the early 20th century. The owners of large coal mining, oil, metal and oversize cargo transportation companies cooperated with the local sellers who knew the local market and customers well and shipped the products to the end customer.

Dropshipping obtained the second life with the development of Internet trade: AliExpress, Amazon and many other stores and marketplaces work on this model.
Dropshipping suppliers can be both importers/manufacturers of products and sellers with their own warehouses. The latter are also intermediaries, so they add their own markup to the initial cost. Thus, the final B2C seller will either have to drive up the price and wait for “his/her client”, or sell the product with little profit.

The dropshipping model is as follows: you find the suppliers and promote their products in your online store. The customers visit your website, place orders, and make payments. You transfer these orders and money to the supplier and keep the difference between the wholesale price and whatever price you sell it at. This will be your profit. The supplier is responsible for the delivery of products.

In fact, your main task is to promote products and find buyers. The supplier will do the rest: he/she will pack and deliver the product, write the check, and even share the materials (photos, descriptions and videos) with you. Therefore, you won’t even have to write texts for product cards. Many dropshipping platforms have out-of-the-box integration with different CMSs. Using it, you can automatically upload data on the availability of products and current prices to the online store.

Dropshipping is a work model, in which you’re not taking responsibility for any organizational issues. The main thing is to find the buyers.

How to find suppliers?

There are two ways to do it:

The first and easiest one is to use dropshipping platforms. These are dedicated websites where you can find hundreds of thousands of products from the supplier in many different business areas. On some platforms, you don’t even have to contact the suppliers directly, as the entire process of transferring orders, payments and delivery is controlled by the aggregator. On others, you will have to interact with the suppliers, but the platform guarantees total security in terms of transferring money and resolving controversial issues. The main benefit of such platform is that you can simultaneously (and seamlessly) work with several suppliers and collect a wide assortment of amazing products in your store.

The second, more difficult way is to look for the suppliers on your own. You can find them on the message boards, through the manufacturers or at the exhibitions. Hard to find, hard to check. And of course, it’s not easy to work with multiple suppliers: each of them has their own conditions, contract and approach to work. It’s almost impossible to keep all this in your head.

Benefits of Pharmacy dropshipping with Dropshipmd:

Pharmacy dropshipping is a retail business scheme, in which the seller doesn’t keep the inventory but simply passes orders and shipment information to the manufacturer or distributor, who later sends the products to the clients. As well as in retail establishments, most of sellers profit from the difference between the wholesale and consumer price (however, some of them also get an agreed commission, paid by the distributor to the seller).

Our company delivers the following services:

  • Excellent money/value ratio;
  • Delivery of your order within one working day and a money-back guarantee.
  • Fast order acceptance.
  • Automatized accounting and ordering system, which facilitates the cooperation with online drug stores.
  • A qualified support service available 24/7.

Our generic drugs contain the same active components as the original medication. However, they are available at a much better price than their branded equivalents.

One of the factors explaining the affordable cost of generic drugs is that the competition grows among manufacturers when sedates are no longer licensed. Generic medicine drop shipping is a special field of pharmaceutical industry, which ensures the worldwide delivery of the best medicines at an affordable price.
Drug wholesalers provide dropshipping service to the customers from around the globe. Actually, this industry ensures the delivery of the high-quality generic and original medications from the distributors to the customers worldwide.

The primary goal of DropshipMD team is to establish contacts with various manufacturers, logistic companies, medical warehouses, and customers around the world. Every single medicine supplied by our firm is safe and reliable because we never deliver over-the-counter drugs. All our products are developed in line with the existing health standards. Our team cooperates with the reputable companies to offer the best and the most qualitative medications to our clients in the shortest possible term. One might judge the degree of our success by the quality of work submitted to our customers and our cooperation with the most famous drug stores.

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