Desferal (deferoxamine)

US Brand Name:Desferal
Generic Name:Desferal
Indian Brand Name:Desferal
Manufacturer:Novartis Pharma Ltd
Packaging:INJ / VIALS
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Delivery Time:7 — 14 Days

Desferal is used to treat iron intoxication in adults and children older than 3 y.
Desferal is injected intravenous as needed. In case of overdose ask for emergency medical help.
Consult your medical advisor before starting treatment, let him know if you take any over-the-counters, vitamins and herbs. Provide the healthcare provider with your medical history.
Your blood and liver function will be analyzed often. Also eyes testing may be required .


Long-term treatment with Desferal can affect a child?s growth/weight gaining. You should visit the Doctor together with your child every 3 months.
Desferal may affect your vision and cause slow thinking/reactions so you should be careful driving or doing any other activities that require attention and good eyesight.
If you are planning any type of x-ray/CT scan using an intravenous dye inform your Doctor in advance that you are under Desferal treatment.
Pregnant or breastfeeding woman should not use Desferal.
You should seek for an emergency medical help if you notice any of the following symptoms: joint/muscle pain; hives; high temperature; nausea/ vomiting; headache; trouble breathing; swelling of your lips, face, throat or tongue.
Stop using Desferal and call your healthcare provider urgently if you have any of the side effects listed below: cough, any problems with breathing; small amount or absence of urine during urination; sleepiness, altering mood, excessive thirst, appetite loss, nausea and vomiting; swelling, gain of weight, shortness of breath; hearing problems; pain in your stomach/back, coughing up blood; any kind of problems with eyes; convulsions; rapid palpitation; blue-coloured lips, nails on your fingers, or skin; extreme, watery, diarrhea with bloody and cramping; stuffy nose, high temperature, redness/swelling around your nose and eyes, scabbing inside your nose; nausea, pain in the upper stomach, itching, appetite loss, dark urine, clay-colored feces, yellowish skin/eyes; easy bruising/bleeding, weakness; or leg cramps, problems with bones, or changes in growth (for children).
The list of side effects is incomplete. Contact your healthcare provider for more detailed information.

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