Frequently Asked Questions

One of the key endeavors of is to educate and share updated information related to drop shipping and generic drugs industry. We make an attempt to present the facts or answers to all those questions which may be critical to you and your business. Given below are some of the questions contributed by visitors like you to which we have provided a fitting response. In case you want to ask anything specific or want to add to the answers we provided below, then please write us via contact form.

Product & Quality (3)

Where is your company based out of in India ?

Our company is based out of Mumbai in India. Mumbai is the Financial Capital of India and also most of the Manufacturers of Generic Medicines are based out of Mumbai and hence we have an advantage of being able to source directly from Manufacturers at a very low cost since there is not much of transportation required.

How do you confirm the quality of your products?

All of the pharmacy products we ship are tested by our in-house experts and by independent laboratories to verify quality, potency, and safety. Even for generic manufacture we check Certificate of analysis of each and every batch is delivered to us. All products are required to conform to the GMP guidelines set by WHO and to be ISO 9001 Quality Systems Certified.

The product I want isn’t listed in your catalogue. Can I still order it from you?

Of course, we Drop Ship many other Medicines besides listed Pharma Dropshipment products on our website. We are always happy to assist you for your new Drop Shipping requirement.

Payment (3)

Do you require upfront payment?

Yes, we require payment before we can ship any orders.

How do you accept payment?

We accept payment to India via Western Union Money Transfer, Moneygram or by Wire Transfer directly to our bank account. We also have Chinese bank account for RMB transfers and accounts in Russian Federation if payments from CIS countries.

Is there a minimum order size?

We save our customers money by only offering our services to high-volume clients. To enable us to do this, we require a minimum deposit of $500 USD to start a partnership with you.  There is no minimum amount required for individual customer orders.

Shipping (5)

Will you have any contact with my customers?

No, we will never have any direct contact with your customers. We ship all packages in blank envelopes. Your name and contact information will be included on any packing slips and order forms.

How fast Drop Ship orders are Dispatch?

We normally ship within 12 hours of receiving your order, but always within 48 hours.

How long does the delivery process take?

Delivery times depend on the shipment destination, as well as the choice of shipping service, and may range from 4 days to 21 days after placing an order. For details on the timing of shipping and delivery, it’s best to contact us or speak directly with a representative of the shipping service you’ve selected.

What is your return policy?

We are able to refund the full price of any items that are returned sealed and unopened within 30 days. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse for shipping costs on most refunds. If there is any problem with an item we have sent or you wish to return, refund, or exchange an order, please contact us for instructions on the best way to send items back to us.

Do you Send Invoice to Customer?

No , All Invoice are made in Wholesale Price so we do not send any Invoice or order details to customer.

Drop Shipping (3)

How can I get assurance about your drop shipping business?

We are into Drop Shipping since last 6 years and we don’t use any middle Man for Our Service. We directly purchase it from Manufacturer and We our self Do Drop Shipping. We have All Valid License such as Wholesale license, Import Export License, Sales tax license, Pharmacy License.

What is your success rate in Delivering Medicine?

With over 6 years of experience in Drop Shipping and having highly professional staff, our margin of error is Minimum. As Packing is done professionally, clearance becomes easy in all Countries. So our success rate is very high as compared to Other Drop Shippers.

What Customer Details you required to start processing our Drop Ship orders?

To start your Drop Ship order, we would be requiring details like Order ID ,Name, Postal Address, City along with Zip Code, Country, Medicine Name, Strength of Medicine, Quantity and Shipping Details. Details should always be in Excel sheet. Please ask our support team for Sample order sheet.

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